Saturday, Oct 15, 2016 - Cave Dimiere (Argenteuil, FR)


  • Singer/Guitar: Kevin Larquier
  • Lead Guitar: Maxime Lerma
  • Bass: Maxime Aucher
  • Drums: Thomas Papillon


Black Tape is a young band from around Paris (France) established in 2013. It took them two years to find their sound, a powerful indie rock with some progressive notes. The diverse influences of all its members, ranging from Pink Floyd to Arctic Monkeys, were blended into their writing process and in the manner they play and live their music.

During these two years, they released an EP called Black Tape #1, won 4 th place at the Emergenza band contest, drank a lot of beer, and toured around their hometown.

They’re working on an album for the beginning of 2016.

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